• by Eve

Be Heard.

It has exactly been a year since my last blog. And what a challenging time to be back! I trust that everyone is keeping safe and calm. It is the year of the brave, the season of the strong. We are all sailing through rough waters, apart but together. We will get there. Maybe not in the same way that we have been used to, but into something novel and new that in the end will make us stronger. And make us care more for each other.

I started this blog a year ago in the hope of creating my own space, of putting my inner voice

out there and make a difference, at the same time guarding that precious shred of privacy that I so long to keep. Along the way I got distracted. I stumbled into paths that looked lush only to discover that not everything that glitters is gold. I got lost in the hype and promises.

My passion is somewhere else.

Life is a process and we have to keep going. We fall and we rise again, we are blown away but we are not broken. Perhaps there is someone out there who like me, feels like she has

been forgotten. The world rushes by. She is too frail to make the first step, too weary to keep up. Too dejected to even try.

It is not too late. To make a voice. To be heard.

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