• by Eve

‘Twice shy’

Let me get this right and clear at the outset. I LOVE network marketing. When I thankfully got off the 9 to 5 train four years ago my networking mornings highlighted the post-career days of my life. I didn’t need an alarm clock. Seriously. I was up at dawn going through my ‘do list’, mastering cold calling scripts, labelling delivery orders, sprucing up giveaways. I loved the buzz of new found friends, ‘cut above’ trainings, personal development, extra penny in my purse (no get rich quick scheme here but at least when I fancied another pair of stilettos I didn’t think twice). I loved my team. I never got to meet most of them upfront but when we did catch up in those nightly legendary zoom calls we knew we had an unseen common bond: we each had a dream. It was worth looking back to. Fast forward to the day when I woke up (still no alarm clock) feeling like I had a huge awakening, a light bulb moment, a wake up call (pardon the pun). In that brief mili-second I discovered frustratingly, disappointingly, sadly - that network marketing was not for me. Not because it does not work (because it does, for those who are brilliantly cut out for it). Or because I was disillusioned (I embraced the system with no magic moments). It was because I realised that my passion lies somewhere else. I am in awe of those whose life goals are to help and inspire others achieve a perfect work-life balance, nail that vision board, teach them how to build their dreams and help make the world a better place. To each his own. Whatever will be, will be.

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